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FM DISTRIBUTING™ is a direct source distributor for engineered quartz, sintered stone, and natural stone. With a dedicated, service oriented team, we focus on supplying environmentally green materials throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.

FM Distributing is the exclusive distributor of Neolith sintered stone throughout parts of western United States. This new surface material is truly a breakthrough technology producing large slabs that are stain, scratch, chemical and heat resistant, making it ideal for countertops, floors, walls, façades, furniture, and demanding interior and exterior applications. This award winning product is highly praised by designers and architects for its combination of functionality and beauty.

Also offered is Diresco, the only producer of an engineered UV stable quartz slab and the leader in BIO-UV Technology. Diresco is the only engineered quartz surface that is made from a bio-resin instead of a chemical resin making it much better for the environment and you. Originating in Belgium, these inspired products are extremely stain, heat, scratch and UV resistant and available exclusively through FM Distributing.

At FM DISTRIBUTING, there is an emphasis placed on supplying products that are environmentally conscience and reflective of its use. We believe each artisan slab or handcrafted tile is something unique and personal. It’s a passion developed over decades spent working with natural stone. It’s this passion we strive to pass on, so you can take pride in the stunning beauty and intricate details of your own finished piece.

For more information on our products or for a complimentary consultation or to request free samples, please contact us.

Jennifer Ventura

Customer Relations Manager

Email: jennifer@fmdistributing.com
Office: 415.767.4600

Henry Guerrero

Logistics Manager

Email: henry@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 415.732.9218

Marsha Harrison

Director of Marketing

Email: marsha@fmdistributing.com
Office: 415.705.9476

David Martinez

Outside Sales Representative

Email: david@fmdistributing.com
Office: 415.961.1858

Sarah Walker

Outside Sales Representative

Email: sarah@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 415.470.0095


Tom Tuohy

Architect & Design Sales Representative

Email: tomtuohy@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 415.816.0660

Tami Haven

Sales & Fabricator Representative

Email: tami@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 415.481.1671


Beau Usselman

Sales Manager – Las Vegas

Email: beau@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 702.219.5160

Chuck Lester

Las Vegas

Email: chuck@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 702.250.0109


Pacific Northwest

Liz D’Aries

Sales Manager – Pacific Northwest

Email: liz@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 206.550.3815

Karyl Haafke

Customer Relations Manager

Email: karyl@fmdistributing.com
Mobile: 206-550-4872


Our Foundation

Fox Merchandising International, Inc. was established in 1986 and through a natural progression brought to the building and construction industry, Fox Marble and FM Distributing™. The founder, Mr. Charles McLaughlin, serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Fox Merchandising International, Inc.

Mr. McLaughlin served in the US Marine Corps in Vietnam and graduated from Rutgers University in 1973. For eight years he managed a masonry products company where his love for natural stone was born. This passion became the inspiration for Fox Merchandising International, Inc. With his personal and ardent approach to customer service, he saw a need to provide a customer focused model that supported the vision and craftsmanship within the industry. Having visited many of the world’s finest quarries and manufacturing plants, his desire to offer artisanship is the center of Fox Merchandising International and it’s subsidiaries.