Diresco BIO-UV Quartz

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Exceptionally strong, tremendously versatile and environmentally sound.

Diresco is thrilled to introduce our new BIO-UV Technology. A revolutionary advancement that dramatically alters the previous limitations and characteristics of quartz surfacing. This significant evolution fuses our established superior quality and flawless finish with enhanced technical properties, UV stability, permitted exterior usage and an advanced harmony between product and nature.


In the past, the impact of the sun and its damaging ultraviolet light has prevented quartz from being applied outdoors. Luckily, this dated constraint is no longer an issue when using Diresco quartz surfaces. With our new BIO-UV Technology our surfaces are equipped to yield optimum weather resistance. Our surfaces are exceedingly robust and will withstand the insidious creep of dampness, frost, and corrosion. The use of quartz outside is now a realistic and viable option.

Allow your curiosity to flourish. Envision your new outdoor kitchen or embrace the many new exterior possibilities and projects that just became a possibility.


Diresco surfaces are composed of 93% natural quartz granulate, a mineral found in abundance throughout the world. The remaining 7% of content consists of resin and pigment. Our Research & Development division has recently designed a highly innovative BIO-UV Technology. Our new resin, used in the manufacturing process, is environmentally sound and vegetal in origin. The formulation is not only healthier for the world and your own living environment but provides technical aspects that surpass previous standards and definitions.


Diresco has unified trend and tradition to compile a vast selection of meaningful colors to foster an organic and alluring feel within your interior or exterior space. With the infusion of our BIO-UV Technology our enhanced colors present an unparalleled depth and clarity. Our white quartz surfaces offer unmatched purity while our black quartz surfaces display exceptional richness. The entire Diresco color palette showcases a distinct and unequaled dimension.

Let your creativity soar and visions come to life.

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Environmentally Friendly


Sustainability: We respect nature, our planet and all the people living on it. The products we produce today contribute to a more durable and sustainable future.

​Environmental Stewardship: We understand cause and effect. Therefore, we focus on the principle of minimizing waste. We produce our products in a manner that not only requires less energy than traditional quartz manufacturing, but also guarantees an extended, almost limitless, lifespan.

​Renewable Energy:​ We draw 100% of our electricity through wind generation and reclaim & recycle almost all water used in our production.

​Organic Raw Materials:​ We only use BIO-UV based resins. Our resins are environmentally sound and vegetal in origin. Our resin formulation is healthier for the environment and all live or work spaces.

Recyclable: Should you ever need to dispose of one of our surfaces you can find comfort in knowing our surfaces are fully recyclable.

Environmental Processes:

-Comprehensive Waste Water Treatment System

-Post-combustion System for Vapors

-Reduced Energy Consumption

-Controlled Waste Disposal

-Regular Surveillance by an External Environmental Coordinator

VOC-Free Label


10 Year Warranty: Diresco extends a ten year, material-based, warranty for all Diresco BIO-UV surfaces. The warranty commences at the time of purchase. Should a manufacturing defect occur during the warranty period, Diresco will repair or replace the defective Diresco surface. The defect must pertain to the material itself. Any damage to the material caused by a lack of proper maintenance or an error in fabrication will not be considered.

To register your purchase, please provide the information below:
Send the following information to: warranty@DirescoUSA.com Name, Address, Email, Phone Number Color of Material, Finish & Application Name of Fabricator & Date of Installation